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Pellet basket 2.0

Pellet basket 2.0

You can also burn wood pellets in your fireplace or wood stove. Using this pellet basket, you can easily experience the benefits of firing wood pellets.

We are the only company in Europe to supply pellet baskets made of ‘3mm thick high quality’ steel. This gives the basket a very long life.

*Supplied with free bag of ‘white‘ pellets, fire grid worth €25. Also free (fast) shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium.* Shipments in Europe are arranged at small shipping costs.*

Refill pellet basket

Pellet basket 2.0

January 2016 we implemented an update on our pellet basket. To extend the life of the basket and improve the efficiency of the basket, we have added an additional fire grid to the pellet basket. The fire grid is placed on the bottom of the basket. As a result, the aeration in the basket is significantly better than before and the pellets simply burn better and more efficiently. This allows the basket to be used even in slightly less aerated stoves and burns even cleaner than the previous model. We have also managed to further reduce the flue gases. Great for the neighbors, but also great for you because you’ll have to clean your stove glass even less often. Also, the fire grid protects the bottom of the basket from the extreme heat of the pellets. This gives the basket a significantly longer life.


Your fireplace will be slightly less hot than you are used to with log firing. Because the basket burns up evenly, the pellet basket consumes less fuel per hour than firing on logs. Therefore, the heat value will also be slightly less. Many customers find this very pleasant because many stoves and fireplaces actually make the room to be heated too warm.

Tip! The lighter the pellets are in color (softwood) the easier the basket will burn. Recommended: white pellets.

Watch the basket in action on the YouTube video below:


You can use the basket in 2 ways:

  1. The first and most convenient method. You fill the basket completely with about 6 to 8 kg. of wood pellets. There may even be a head on the basket if you have room for it in your fireplace. Then ignite the basket with 2 firelighters and some lamp oil. You can then open the oxygen supply of your stove to the maximum to generate rapid combustion. Especially the oxygen supply from below is very important. A lot of air through the pellets creates optimal combustion and smoke will be minimal. After about 30 minutes, the top basket will burn completely and you can turn down the oxygen supply slightly. By the way, this is not a requirement. If you want heat quickly, you can also leave the oxygen supply on maximum. When all the pellets are burning you can pretty much shut off the oxygen supply. Thus, the basket will continue to smoulder for about 2 hours. The moment the basket is completely burned out, repeat the above method. Important in this is that there are no smoldering pellets left at the bottom of the basket. This, in fact, produces smoke at the next “load” of pellets. Loading the pellet basket is done at all times with steel tools and fireproof gloves.
  2. The second method takes a little more time and energy but if you want to generate heat faster you can fill the basket about 1/3 full. Ignite this whole thing again with 2 firelighters and some lamp oil. Because the basket is not completely filled, significantly more oxygen comes through the perforated bottom and fire grid at the bottom of the basket and the pellets are more likely to burn completely and extremely hot. Allow the pellets to burn gently until there is still a small layer (about 2 cm) of red-hot coals at the bottom of the basket. Using a steel hand scoop (see illustration) or a steel can of dustpan, slide the pellets from the center to the front and back of the pellet basket. We recommend, of course, that you use fireproof gloves here. Then, of course, in the middle of the basket you will again see the bottom of the basket. Now you can carefully drop 1 or 2 scoops of pellets on a pile in the middle. Make sure the glowing coals are not too much below the new pellets. Then, with high oxygen supply from below, you can quickly ignite the new load of pellets again. When the pellets are fully burning again, you can turn down the oxygen supply. You will see that with this method the stove will be hot sooner. It takes a little more time and energy, but for those who love to use the fireplace, this will not be such a problem.

You will understand that it is extremely difficult for us to judge which method is best for you. This is very dependent on the type of stove, your stove’s oxygen supply capabilities, your heat desire, and how creative you are with stoking your stove or fireplace. Practice makes perfect and you will find that after some testing with your stove you will quickly find the most efficient way to use your pellet basket.


  • CO2 neutraal verwarmen
  • Highly efficient combustion and thus little ash residue
  • No chopping, sawing and/or splitting of wood
  • Easy filling of the basket (preferably with a steel shovel or dustpan can)
  • No sparking as the wood pellets contain minimal moisture and do not ‘crackle’
  • When used properly, less smoke than logs
  • Significantly less cleaning of the stove panes due to cleaner burning than logs

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