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IkiPele – Outdoor Stove

The IkiPele wood pellet burner has been in our range since 2018. This outdoor stove is mobile and is also suitable for outdoor cooking and/or roasting. A fun gadget and also extremely functional. The IkiPele is mobile and is therefore easy to take to the campsite or for example a day at the beach.

The IkiPele is made of high quality cast iron. The steel burner pot is filled with wood pellets and a fire starter. Due to the special construction of the stove, wood gasification is used to convert the pellets into heat. The great advantage of this is that the stove burns extremely clean and smoke-free, reaches a high temperature and therefore emits a lot of heat.

To begin, light the kindling or a firelighter and place the windshield. As the firelighter burns, the wood pellets are ignited. During the burning process, the combustion will automatically change from normal combustion to wood gas combustion. At that point, the burn becomes even hotter and you can cook or roast deliciously on the IkiPele.

The IkiPele is available in 3 colorways. Black/Green, Red/Black and Green/Black. Click on your preference and you will be directed to our webshop.