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Burning wood pellets in a fireplace

You can also burn wood pellets in your fireplace or wood stove. Using the pellet basket you can easily experience the benefits of firing wood pellets. You fill the pellet basket with 6 to 8 kg of wood pellets. You can easily light it with a firelighter and some lamp oil. After igniting, the pellet basket will burn for 3 to 4 hours depending on the supply of oxygen in your fireplace.

Due to high demand, we have the baskets in stock. We also have the exclusive right of the basket. The material steel we use is 3mm thick high quality. This significantly promotes the life of the basket compared to other providers.

The wood pellets burn in a very clean and economical way in your fireplace. So there is no need to buy firewood anymore. By using pellets you can heat the house completely CO2-Neutral.


  • 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • CO2 neutral heating
  • Highly efficient combustion and thus little ash residue
  • No chopping, sawing and/or splitting of wood
  • Easy filling of the hearth (for example, a candy scoop)
  • No sparking because the wood pellets do not contain moisture and do not “crackle
  • Less smoke than logs
  • Less cleaning of the stove glass
  • With a pallet of wood pellets, you can fire all days throughout the winter

See below the Youtube video, a tutorial how to place the pellet basket in the fireplace and then light it.