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Our Vision

Minimum CO2 pressure on our wood pellet products

The idea for this webshop was born in 2014. Houtpellets-Online.EU is a brand name of Van Dooren Transport from Hillegom. Our transport company has now been in existence for more than 125 years and was awarded the designation of Court Supplier in 2020. We are active in the transport and warehousing of flower bulbs, plants and nursery products. Our network is focused on the Benelux, Germany and Switzerland. About 10 years ago, the logistics lines of our export customers turned out to be very well aligned with a number of regions where wood pellet production is high. Regularly a cargo of wood pellets was loaded for the Dutch market. Because of these short lines, contacts with producers, the step to an own webshop was quickly made. To keep the CO2 pressure on our products as low as possible, we load all freight with our own equipment at the producers themselves with the shortest possible route and as few empty miles as possible.

Wood pellets
Wood pellets are wood fibers compressed into sticks of about 6 mm. During the first oil crisis in 1973, U.S. industries began looking for alternative and cheap fuels. This is where the idea was born to compress and upgrade wood “waste” into sticks that could be burned in stoves and ovens. From an environmental perspective, the wood pellet is a circular product. The CO2 released after combustion is fully reused by trees, and plants to grow. Wood pellets therefore clearly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels.

CO2 neutral warehouse
Our warehouse in Hillegom is 100% CO2 neutral. The building is equipped with 1,000 solar panels with which we generate about 250 MWh of solar energy. In addition to the solar panels, we naturally heat our premises with wood pellets. This combination results in CO2 neutral storage of our products.

Pellet basket
Don’t have a pellet stove but want to enjoy the benefits of heating with wood pellets? You can with our pellet baskets. You place the pellet basket in your fireplace or wood stove, fill the basket with wood pellets and ignite the basket with a simple firelighter. The basket will give off between 2 and 4 hours of heat and produce a beautiful flame picture.

Since 2018 we have added a sweet little outdoor stove to our range called ‘IkiPele’. IkiPele translated into Hawaiian means “Little Volcano. The IkiPele is a table top outdoor stove that burns by gassing wood pellets. The gasification process gives a tremendously high efficiency, a super nice flame picture and the necessary heat for the guests at the table. So I really recommend it!

Traeger pellet grills
Since 2021, we have been a dealer of the Traeger Pellet Grill. Traeger’s pellet grill is still fairly unknown in Europe at the moment. Traeger developed the first pellet BBQ in 1985. To this day, Traeger is the most widely sold pellet grill in the world. And not without reason. Traeger is absolutely the best quality pellet grill on the market today. That was also the reason for us to add this wonderful brand to our assortment.

Pellet Stoves
We leave the delivery, installation, inspection and maintenance of pellet stoves and pellet boilers to the specialists. The technology in the stoves is high-tech and therefore the stoves really need a professional installer we think. Since we have many installers as customers for wood pellets, we may be able to put you in touch with one of our customers.